Juicy positive vibes

It was one fine working weekday.
Your hair look good. Your make up look fresh. You smell good enough to eat. You're fantastically looking hot that day.
You'd reached office at 7.45 am; put down your handbags and blazer, take out the stationeries from your drawer etc etc
Around 8.05 am, you excitedly went to the pantry to make some hot coco for breakfast.
Co-workers came in and you smile and greets them with "Hello. Good morning"
They returned your smile and greeted you as well.
For this one particular person.
Her expression is grim and bitter plus she doesn't even returned your smile nor returned your greeting.

wtf bitch-ish much right

Lets admit this; we often think the worst of every situation. Let it be our social life with families and friend. Working life with colleagues and co-workers. Financial problem. Stress. Body and images issues. Constant pressure from our surroundings. And at the end of the day, we tend to react toward selfishness act and bitterness which equal to negativity. Why bother being considerate to others while they don't care about you at all? Why you must say YES to every task that being imposed to you while its actually others? Why bother being good at all to that particular person? Its not like she / he is the only human on earth that have problems to worry about. 


Its very hard to deal with negativity around us. Seriously. Even positive people struggle everyday. Every single day of his / her life. I admit that I just started being this positive person that I am today and I admit that its really really really HARD. Constantly being patient and accepting things as they were is a challenge. There are time where I thought "What the hell! I'm so tired and I don't care who got hurt later" and I went being all emo and bitter toward others. However, at the end of the day..the result are much worse; I feel guilty. Guilty enough because I let negativity runs on my emotions and I act childishly toward other. 

Have you ever feel guilty like that? You almost feel ashamed of yourself.

Like negativity; positivity spread wide and fast too. Instead of frowning over that one particular co-worker who didn't greet or smile to you; it is much better to let it go. I know sometime we silently cursed and said "What a bitch" but try to learn to let that feeling go. Go with "Its Okay. Its not a good day for him / her" and try your best to understand. Continuously smiling and spread the big-fat-juicy-positives vibes that you have so that the person will be infected with it. If all-failed; keep quiet. Don't said anything negative that you might regret later!

And always remember; to spread positives vibes toward others! 


  1. Guhhh i faced a lot of ppl like that darl. Trust me they are really a pain in d ass. Yes it is indeed so hard not to think negative, human nature. My tips is, dont bother too much nor take things personally. P/s: dia pms kali tu fay. Haha!

    1. HAHA Yep. Agreed. Ignoring lagi better dari peduli. :D


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