Grateful #1: Balance 0

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. - Brian Tracy 

My MARA study loan balance. Finally 0.
My MARA conversion from loans to full scholarship took a year to approved (For my case; I guess) as I sent required documents twice due to the 1st went missing somewhere. So for the 2nd batch; I used POSLAJU instead of regular courier with stamp and YAY! FINALLY!
I haven't received the official letter from MARA yet but FOR NOW I'M VERY GRATEFUL. 

At the moment; I'll just sit back and save up for my wedding.



  1. woooot! i'm so jealous jelly jelly! haha sya pun mau kawin tapi tu balance hutang x pndai jadi 0 huaaa haha anyway, glad for you :D

    1. Woot! :D

      Seja2 bha tu cakap kawin padahal belum save apa2 lg ni. Bukan kawin tp travelling kali..ngegegee
      Palan2 moi, bulih tu ^^

  2. hi hi.. 0 suda. punya siok nasib sa teda PTPTN or any study loan but ada personal loan tpi yeahhh next month last payment.. he he he happy trus.. teda suda bikin berat2 hati ni

    1. hehehe Syukurrr dpat 0 sdah balance. Yeah! Mission sy ni tahun mo kasi kurang hutang loan & kasi byak saving,,ehhee
      harap2 dpat lh..susah n panat mo pikir psal hutang baa..:D

  3. Congrats girl!!! Biar lambat yg penting dapat kan? Hehehehehehe

    1. Thankssss!! :D
      Yep, betul tu..nasib baik jga approved ni. hehe


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