Start your Christmas's countdown already? Blessed Advent. I'm still not in the mood for Christmas. Am not sure why. Maybe because I'm not anticipating it this year since Beau will be away (unlike last year). I figure I write about my first SPA interview few days ago. Its actually surprised the hell of me when I received SMS saying that I'm invited to SPA interview for Research Officer. Why so surprised? Because I thought Government doesn't want me; at all. To be honest, I'm a bit sceptical about this interview and of course my scepticism is always always always RIGHT. So..as most people being invited to Interview with SPA..I studied. About the job scope, the department i.e their Ministry etc etc and I revised a lots of my research back in College. PCR, qPCR, Enzyme tech, Food tech, my final project, my thesis...Man, its a lot to revised since I've blocked my scientist mind for a good year and a half (for Logistics sake). I've prepared all the necessary documents and their respective copies and show up there earlier. I admit I'm a bit nervous as I expect this will be a very tough interview.

I was disappointed.

I'm expecting hardcore questions on my thesis; Yes. They did asked. I answered its about Crude protein estimation in Mushroom using Lowry method (Actually they stopped me before I managed to said Lowry method!) I lost a hundred points there because un-mentioned of the method that I used. -.-" Maybe I'm a tad nervous..wait..Not really. Before I even finished explaining; THEY CUT ME. Worst I didn't even managed to explained the cool things I'd done during my practical. Gosh. The cool RT-PCR. The phylogenic search using Bioinformatic at Gene bank. The awesome cool amazing research that they allowed me to experiment there. I deserved points for all of that. But of course; they cut me. So Yeah. I'm speechless.

Wait. I thought that was worst until.

They asked why my name got "Binti". Am I Malay? Is my dad Malay? 
I wasted 3-4 minutes explaining on that unnecessary matter.

Then, the interviewer start mumbling about SPA new system, ask me to check and re-fill necessary updates when I get back etc etc. I was WOW. Really really dumbfounded speechless. What is the point asking me to go interview if they won't even consider or listening to what I'm going to say. Gosh. *facepalm

#OOTD Recycled Baju Kurung Modern from Beau's Mom. 
Wedge by Sole (Bought from Zalora)
Hermes Bag bought from JB Vacation

OVERALL. I guess its not really THAT BAD (pun intended). If they are (as if) checking on my qualification and thought I deserved a chance then I'll be lucky enough. If not; I won't feel THAT bad though. Guessing from the way they interviewed me, I think they already have few candidates in mind and just go-along with the rest of interviews for procedure sake.

If its meant to be. Then its will be.
If not; God have better plan for me.



  1. i hope you will get the job. dont worry, u did well. i havent get any calls from spa..i guess government doesnt want me. hehe..

    1. Thank you Aemy! *fingers crossed as well
      Ah, no worries. I think yours will be responded faster than mine. Its took 2 years for SPA to call me up.


  2. At leastttttt they did called u..sya x pernah kena call pun haha paling kesian.. anyway, think positive seja moi..u did great. :D

    1. Ohh moi..what is the point for them calling me up but treats me like that. *cries

      Sabar moi. If its our rezeki, it shall be ours juga tu. Yep, keep on positive mind. #cewah


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