Sixth sense

I have a confession.

I have sixth sense.

Not many people know this but my family member does because some of them are cursed gifted with the same sense. When I was young, I can see things that naked eyes cannot see. You know that thing with white dress and long hair with no face and feet doesn't even touch the ground? Yes. I saw that. Clearly. However after reaching puberty, I lost the seeing gift (I'm freaking glad it ended) and apparently I have new heightened sense which are hearing thing and sense the presence of that thing. These are lot scarier than seeing it! 

There are time when I heard a couple of people talking loudly at the back of our old house and I went to look for the source. Of course I didn't see anything. Then suddenly the voices of people talking got louder and louder but I couldn't even understand what they're talking about so I got scared and run! As for the sense-ing the presence of things , its actually depends on the things itself whether they want me to know their presence or sometime its just happened. Back in College, I live with two other room-mate during Foundation studies in one small room with bunk beds and our room is actually haunted. I'm not joking. Everytime I opened the door and went inside, there'll be a rush of winds on my face even when the room's window is closed tightly. After kena a few times, I conclude that the wind things is actually a presence of an evil one because I had sense the good one before; it will not ambush you like that unless they want to harm you! After continuously being disturbed and causing me a terrible insomnia, I changed room immediately once the senior left an empty room next door. Best. Decision. Ever. Of course those who stayed in that room are still being disturbed. *cough

1# Photo grabbed from Google. "Angel's ghost" its said.

I never really embrace this gift because I'm actually a scaredy-cat person. Most of the time when its happened; I will ignore it. Until recently actually; when my late Uncle passed away and I started to sense his presence at our home! I can feel he's roaming around outside our house. I can hear his footstep and his cough. I can sense his presence at our home for a week. I was really anticipating Momisok (please read HERE to understand more about Momisok) because I really wanted to see him that time. So on the 7th day, when me and little sister were getting ready for prayer at the late Uncle's house; I have sensed a very strong presence of him at our house. I even know that he was standing outside; at our veranda - waiting. I tried to ignored the namby-pamby feelings since I know he will returned for the last time that night. While getting ready, I let my little sister know "Uncle's outside." She said "I know. I can feel him too" Creepy right? Then we locked the door and start to walk over to our late Uncle's house. The thing is..I feel he started to follow us! Walking behind us. We walked in silent until we reach in front of his house and he stopped following us. Upon reaching his house veranda; I started to smell something rotten. Oh. Probably the carcass of buffalo or pig. I said. Then he (his presence) dissapeared just like that. I cannot sense him anymore until today.

Oh. Momisok didn't go well. Because the prayer started late thus the Momisok only started by 9 something; almost 10. Then when everyone are ready to turned off the light; POM! Somebody being scaredy-cat turned it on again. wtf Not even 5 minutes. Three times light went off and on until everyone complained. I'm very dissapointed. I cannot even sense Uncle anymore. However, he's probably in Heaven watching over us by now. *teary

How I miss him though; so much.

Today marked as 100 days after he left us. *sniffs

I hope nobody try to ask me to check if their place got things or not.
As I said, its depends sometime as I'm not embracing this gift coz I'm actually ignoring it.
I scare bah!

2# Scary pic courtesy to Mr Google.

Imagine something like this suddenly appeared in front of you.
Gila kah. 
Of course I run!



  1. This is creepy and amazing. I also have a friend with the same ability. Never want to walk with her alone at night. haha

  2. Aww... Eventhough I'm supposed to be scared, your story about your uncle is so sweet... condolence my dear...

    I used to see weird stuffs around our house when I was little and that sixth sense was still strong (that's probably why I often got sick when I was young). I prayed one day that I didn't want to see things and it stopped. The last time i saw anything it was a green sharp tooth guy standing by our bed *shiver... I still remember mom putting crosses at our doors to keep those things away because my younger sister said she saw a green four fingered hand tried to grab my mom through the kitchen window *another shiver... And i remembered little people (i think they were "bunian") coming down through the door crack and play near my face when i was little as well. I liked those guys though, they weren't mean and they let me catch them sometimes (can you believe how incredibly "haunted" our house was?) My house is still crawling with those things except they might had gotten used to us so they stopped bothering us. It bothered our worker though (he put a fence at an old door behind our house then got a dream of someone asking why he closed their entryway, he had it a few times before he told our father about it, then my pa told him to reopen the door and he stopped having the dream; the weird thing was that worker didn't know how "keras" our house was, so that proved my sisters and I weren't being childishly paranoid/overly imaginative all those years ago haha). I never see any stuffs anymore, i guess my sixth sense had been closed ever since. we were in year 4 or 5 right, when that infamous tall ghosts were sighted standing by the hill by everyone including teachers in sk tampasak, have you ever thought they might be angels?? hehe..

    But i still remember when my grandma died after my sixth sense was closed, after we buried her we did a dumb thing; we played "pakiau" in front of her altar. It was her favorite game. A few minutes into the game, her strong "sirih" scent came over the house. But we were excited rather than scared though... we followed the scent around before it disappeared (again, behind the house)... hmmm... makes me wonder if the wood area is still very "keras" even with so many civilizations around it :/

    1. Awh. Thanks babe.

      Wao. Your house so scary. My old house is like that too. hehe
      Its still "keras" dear coz its the place for them kan. So as long we do not disturb them; we shall be Okie.

  3. fuhh..nasib baik sa baca ni siang2. klu mlm mmg x tidur mlm la sa.

    next time klu ada yg bikin takut2 begini kasi warning ah. kasian ba org pregnant hehe

    1. HAHAA Sorry moi. Klau sy put scary warning; nnt teda yg baca..cewahh! :D


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