[Review] Simple (Kind To Skin) Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Greeting gorgeous!

Bear in mind: I'm not sponsored to write this review. Its just I freaking LOVE this product and I love to share along. *flap angel wings 

For those newbie in my Blog (warm welcome): FYI I have a problematic skin. Oily T-zone. A very dry nose, mouth and chin area. Large pores that anyone can noticed straight from far. And super duper extra sensitive skin. May I add hormonal as well. What is it with these hormones thing? -.-" Anyway, I've spent good sum of money on my skin care products. Now that I'm hooked with the Safi Rania Night Cream, I've been searching for the perfect day cream. I've tried the day cream from the Safi Rania Gold range but no luck. Its stings like crazy on me; same as their Toner. My skin actually burned. -.-" I went out as a Lobster for a few day because I insist on putting it on my face, secretly hoping my skin will accept it but YEAH. PFTT. #nosuchlucktho

Earlier this year, I found ZA total Hydration Moisturising Cream and I thought I fell in love until recently. The ZA cream is good for my dry skin zone but not really helping on the my pores size. Its seem like the pore become humongous than before. No kidding. In search of the perfect Day Cream; I turned to Mr Google who know it all. After listed all my problems and concern about the product, I came up with two choices: Simple (Kind To Skin) range and Olay (Total Hydration). Since Olay product is kinda expensive and I'm freaking out if I invest RM40 for a Day cream that might absolutely not working or worse burn my face; I choose to try Simple instead. Cheap alternative yet I am so freaking GLAD.

The product come literally in a simple packaging as well. No fancy bottle etc which is VERY GOOD because I tend to hoard empty fancy product bottle because I feel to sayang to throw it. Its good that it came in tube like this because I'm not really into those jar where you dip your dirty finger inside.

The texture of this cream is like a gel. It absorb REAL fast on my face! Even ZA Hydration cream still look wet on my face after 3 minutes. Trust me, I count. There's no scent which I really like nowaday. 

Absorbed pretty fast. Most importantly, it doesn't sting on my sensitive skin. Yes, they are good with sensitive skin as they claimed to be. However, there's this one thing...the fact that I want this product as a Day Cream yet they are lacking in SPF department. Since this product don't have SPF protection, I have to double up Sunscreen for my day routine. I'm kinda lazy because I prefer all-in-one product but applying the Sunscreen separately actually help my skin a lot! 

If you have a very dry skin plus oily T-zone plus large-visible pores plus crazy-sensitive like mine; I totally recommended this product for you to try. Its cheap so your wallet didn't burned much. Still I recommended to add up Sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. It will make huge different to your skin (In a good way).

Hope this help.
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  1. Hi Fry,

    I'm running out of it. I live in HK. Could you tell me where you got it? I used to get it in Watsons but they no longer stock it. I tried Mannings, Sasa, and so on but to no avail. Please tell me where I can buy it. Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi EW,

      I'm not sure where to find this product if you live in HK. I do find mine in Watsons & Guardian. Perhaps you can try to check online store?


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