Remember the real reason to celebrate


It ain't about the long holiday or the snowy cold winter.
It ain't about the new clothes, shoes, material and earthly new things that you have bought.
It ain't about the big party that you throw to get others compliments or other way of bragging.
It ain't about the beautifully decorated big or small Christmas's tree.
It ain't about the big fat old man in red dress we called Santa, giving away presents to children.
It definitely ain't about the on-going SALES everywhere.

Its all about CHRIST.
Without Christ; there'll be no Christmas's celebration.
Without Christ; there'll be no redemption.

And of course there is nothing wrong to buy new clothes / shoes, decorate your Christmas's tree, throwing Christmas's party with family and friends. However its always better to remember the real reason behind why we are celebrating this season.

Let us be moderate and humble in our celebration.


  1. True. And i like that, moderate and humble :)

  2. christmas is coming...yeahh..

    kk sort of has extra glitter during christmas..

    1. Yeah!

      Right? Every street also got lights. What a very wonderful night view with the glitters and all.


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