Blessed Christmas 2013 ❤

Blessed Christmas 2013 everyone❤

I hope everyone had the most blessed and joyous Christmas celebration this year. Let it be family's gathering or open houses. I had horrible yet blessed celebration for this year. Lets just say; not the best but still I'm grateful for everything.

1# Christmas's tree at Office

2# Open House at Aunt's house on 25.12.2013
Yours truly with baby Ryan (pronounced as Ren btw) and beloved Mom & little sis ❤

3# Photos taken on Christmas's Eve and Christmas's day itself. ❤
With the lovely siblings.

4# Christmas's day & Christmas's Eve OOTD.
Bought nothing new for Christmas except the Chanel bag; a Christmas's gift from Beau.

5# St Augustine Church, Kinarut ❤

6# Random photos of; Stanley's, Arm's candy, Beloved puppy and heels.

As I said, its not really an event where I enjoyed physically because I was sick the whole time. I was suffering from UTI by Sunday and start all the cramping and all throughout the whole 4 days of Holiday. However its has been a very humbling experience for me and I truly enjoyed the season spiritually.

Hopefully New Year celebration will be much better to welcome 2014.
Guise! 3 days left before 2014!


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