Sick leave

The 1st in 2 months. Woah.

And I'm also hormonal as fuck. I went emo over Beau because he was so busy and has no time to comforts me (or call me! He did last night tho). Grr. Thus, I've been throwing tantrums over the last days and gave him short replies to all his Whassapp conversations. 

He was like..

"Get well soon baby. I miss you"
"Poor my sayang. Hope you get well soon ah"
"Rest banyak so that you can get well soon baby"

All worried and caring stuff. *sniff his shirt 
Damn. I miss him.

And yours truly replied with...

"Okie. Tq"

Hormones. Is. Not. Good

Went to the Doc last Monday and he gave me 1 day MC only. I was like "Doc, I have bleeding cough. Can you give me more MC please?" -.-" No such luck tho. Went back home, stuffed myself with a lots of rice and instant noodles, gulped the meds and straight to sleep. Woke up still sick but no more bleeding cough. Thanks God! And I've been stuffing myself with a lots of carbs  so that my body can heal much faster. With no exercise, I have no doubt of weight gain but so far no gain (yet).

Had awesome night during United In Faith Mini Concert last Saturday. Went all-out until no voice and body ache the next day. Coughed with bloods early in the Sunday morning. #socool

Officially move in to my new bedroom! 
Now I can arrange sleepover slumber party!

I saw lots of Blogger promoting this new apps called Dayre and I jumped in as well. No such luck in gaining followers yet. HAHA IMO, Instagram load much faster than this app! Its so slow and took some time to load. I didn't uninstall it (yet) because its fun to stalk Xia Xue and Audrey (fourfeetnine) since they rarely update their blog nowadays. Anyhow, if you have Dayre account and feels kesian with mine, please find and follow fayfm89.

This hormone things is suck.
Ah. I'm going to stop here.



  1. what?! bleeding cough?? aaaaawww, get well soon babe... don't stress, play with kittehs.... :(

    1. Thanks you bebeh! We go watch Thor soon okie! soon! :*

  2. whenever the hormonal attack strikes, i'd be mad at everything..everything seems not right & he would be the victim..haha.
    get well soon okay!

    1. Hee. I guess, our boy are the closest person that we can throw tantrums and blame the hormones later on.
      Poor them. haha


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