Of attention and affection

I was stalking google-ing something..and I saw this..

Is it normal if you and your love one didn't actually talk for quite some time?
Define normal relationship? Love is not even normal. haha
If you ask me 2 years ago, I probably will answer YES. I mean, come on..we girls really want our man to give (if possible) 100 percent of their time and attention to us. Kan?

The best answer. Couldn't help but smile. Awh. 
If I advise my younger self like this back then. I wouldn't be so clingy and boring.

Starlight answer probably what I have told my self back then.

I admit; girl love attention and affection. We would love more from our beloved one. FMO, the sweetest moment of long term relationship probably the first few years where there are constant wooing, interactions, communications, affections and attentions. However, once it reached certain stage...the comfortable stage (I called it).. BAM! You might find yourselves start to fight for his / her attentions and affections.

After a while, we thought its actually OK not to show those attention / affection to our beloved.

Ladies and gentlemen, we thought wrong, obviously its not OK.


We thought we have right to chase our guy for attention and affection. Yes, we do have but much better if you stop chasing and let him chase you pula?


Yes. You need your own time to have fun but remember..a relationship is a commitment you have made with the person you love. If you haven't talk to your lady yet, call her now!

You reap what you sow.

Food for thoughts everybody?



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