Ah. Alcohol. People said those who drink are in trouble and in need of help. Yes, unless you're Kadazan or Dusun by blood. Though I still hate if someone makes "You are not Kadazan / Dusun, unless you drink" remarks. The fact that "drinking" doesn't define your race. Same as religions. #sarcastic 

I grow up hating alcohol. Named everything with alcohol in it; I freaking hate it. Why? My grandma used to be "problematic drinker" back then. She's an alcoholic. I never saw her being normal in those day because she always drunk. -.-" However not drinking or refusing a drink when offered by elders is out-of-norm for our culture. Tsk. No worries. My grandma is OK now. More than OK, she didn't touch any alcohol anymore. I guess she grow up?

As for me now, I do enjoy drinking but I occasionally remind myself not to over-do-it as I don't-want-to-be-like-my-grandma. And I never caught myself drunk. Hangover? Tsk. Slightly tipsy / light - headed and gone after I visitted the Toilet. BAHAHA. I guess I inherited my Grandma's drinking blood after all. -.- || I don't know if I should be happy with that or not. I classified myself as "social - drinker" because I don't really drink that often. 

Fay's state of Intoxication:

Stage 1. Red face. Always smiling. Body start to warm up.

Stage 2. A bit fuzzy and tipsy. Laughing. Clear mind.

Stage 3. Keep laughing and smiling. Moderate fuzziness and tipsy-ness. Still can walk straight but light-headed.

Stage 4. Laughing hard. Can walk but miring - miring already.

Stage 5. Cannot walk or maybe passed out? (Haven't experienced this stage yet so hard for me to explain)

Stage 6. (NIL)

Until recently my biggest achievement is Stage 3 but I surpassed to Stage 4. Ahem. Luckily the boys decided to stop or I might as well surpassed another stage that I never experienced before. I talk a lot under alcohol's influence. -.-" However, went to the toilet and the alcohol is partially flushed out. Yeah. Went back home and fell asleep until morning and woke up like its never happened. 

Me: I cannot wait to go to Labuan soon!
Beau: Yeah Babe. Me too! 
Me: I want to try and buy all those wine and beer; the best Labuan can offers. *smiling innocently
Beau: What the... -.-"

Christmas and New Year.
Please come faster.


  1. Hehe, remember not to over drink alcohol, okay..and most important, dont drink & drive :)

  2. Sila kasitau kalau mau pigi labuan okeh darl....^_^

    1. End of this year darl.. maybe 30-01st Jan gitu..hehee

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hi hi ... dlm family sa bnyk jg yng tai kogutan..ha ha ha especially yng llki la..ha ha..

    1. HAHA Memang normal ba tu kn Beaty? Family sy x jga la klau ada aramaitii..adeii..hahaa


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