I've reached one point in my life where I desperately want to get inked! I want it so badly until I went berserk searching for awesome inks; courtesy to Mr Google. No matter how desperate I want it, its still not enough courage for me to go and get one tho. 

Me: Pa, I want to get a tattoo on my wrist.
Daddy: Ah. For?
Me: Because I want it and its look cool. Just a small one bah.
Daddy: Can. Just don't return home after you got it. (emotionless)
Me: -.-" Seriously!

Meanwhile, I asked Beau few days ago about getting inked and he said..

"The sticker one ah?"


Just something like this pun. Not even that big and scary. *sigh

People said tattoo is an art. I said yes, it is. But my parent..thinks it is not. They thought getting inked is a form of rebellious act. As for me, getting one without their permission is like...I'm a bad daughter. So YEAH. I hope one day I can gathered up my wits and get one. Much better; the one that means everything to me and that's why I want it permanently on my body. 

Anyone know where I can get a white ink like this in KK?
Just asking. Who know right. *winks

I'm waiting for the right timing.


  1. *gasp* no bebeh no! <---- normal reaction of a teacher =3=

    1. HAHA I forgot my bestie is a Teacher..

      No worries darl..I will get it before you even know or noticed it..unless you search my body..*heheheee

  2. Me too! but i guess it will be just a dream forever haha...sedangkan yg ink sementara ja pun i tak berani hihi..

    1. I want to try tu ink sementara..but..haish..might not be a good timing now...hahahahaaa...

  3. My mom never allow me to get inked. But I did it as soon as I got a job and pay my own plc. Now she never comment anything about my tattoo. The best part, I did tat at my boobs. Ha ha

    1. wonderful for you Lexa..Gosh..I wish I can move out faster (been thinking about this) and get one too..Am actually thinking where should I hide mine later..hehee..


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