I guess I need one.

December approaching fast. Workload start to piled up before Christmas holiday. Wedding Invitation piling up too. Money start to fly away (again). Worst, its not even pay day yet.

Went out to watch Thor The Dark World with girlfriend.
Beau said the movie is "bangas" (rotten) already since I didn't go and watch it early.
Who care? 
I desperately want to see this!

Talk about eye-candy.
Chris Hemsworth goes shirtless.
Thank you Marvel!

Then we went to Lunch. Eh. Actually we had lunch before the movie. (short term memory loss here hehe)

Considered cheapest set of Chicken Rice at Chicken Rice Shop. The Butter chicken is yummy btw. Buttery and stuffs.

I think I found a new hobby. Archery anyone?
#1st #time #amateur #much

Tsk. Tsk.

Went out during pokai day is SO-NOT-FUN because of the tight budget. 
I'm hooked with the Etude House lip balm.
I want need it badly!

Pay day, you better come faster.


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