In Loving Memory

On 22 Sep 2013, I lost someone who was very dear to me. A very important person in my 24 years old's life. To be honest, until these day everything is still like a dream to me. Just a day before he left us, we're talking,  joking and goofying around. My late Uncle, John Majilus who treat me like his own daughter, who cares for me and who help me a lots during my studies years passed away after 2 weeks being diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver's carcinoma (cancer).

I was there when he drew his last breath. I just know that day will be the last day I will see him. At the last few minutes, I pray hard to God; if He really love him, He will not let him suffer any more. I counted every second he drew his breath until his chest doesn't move anymore. He's gone. He went back to heaven because God love him more. 

People asked me if I'm okay. I said who will be?  I've lost something very important for me earlier and now I lost special someone in my life. How am I going to be okay?  Every now and then, I still can feel his presence among my family.  He watch over us. I remember my youngest cousin asking me where daddy John went and why he didn't returned? I answered her " He went back home to God. He went to heaven and he is an angel now, watching over us."

I know I must move on. He want me to move on as well. May his soul rest in peace.  ♡

Forever missed.


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