Before 2014

O'migod! Did someone killed the old time watcher and changed to a new youthful one?! Why is it 2013 almost reach its end? Tsk. Anyhow, I decided to post a rather positive-rants post today despite lots of draft pending to publish atm. I couldn't click the publish button yet because I know, once I clicked it I cannot undo the damage. You see, I'm pretty good. I consider the consequences beforehand. *self-slap Back to the topic, well well well, how is your 2013 resolutions coming? Eh, did you forget about it?! -.-' Don't worry. I'm in the same phase. I didn't forget tho. I'm still trying to finish it up before December, if possible.

Top List To Do (MUST) before 2014

1. Lose 5Kgs
Yes. You've read it right. That is my target weight to lose before 2014. Why? Lets just say I want to wear nice dress on February 2014. *wink

 2. Finish off House renovation
Early September, I decided to fund for our house renovation. To add up 2 more bedrooms and expand the kitchen and living room a bit. Due to insufficient fund atm, the renovation progress are slowing down until my pay day. lol.
Hope everything will be done by December because I don't want to drag it until Jan or worst Feb. Ugh.

3. Take a good care of my skin more
Allergic breakout is still haunting me atm. Red rashes popped out here and there. Thus, I must take a good care of the foods, skin care etc to make sure I'll be polished by the time 2014 approaching.

4. Eat Clean and Exercise more
I've been exercising a lots this year. I managed to drop few kilos since early this year but my weight being in plantaeu mode until now. Tsk. Please refer to No. 1 Top list. I just want to lose weight in healthy way. That all.

5. Practise makes perfect
The only time I take out my make up brushes, kits etc is only in the month of May. Why? Because it is the month of beauty pageant i.e The Unduk Ngadau. However, this time I shall practise make up using my own face. I shall not waste my money on MUA for a simple event. 

6. Hair please grow longer faster
Indeed. Much better; Duchess Kate's hair please.

Keep on doing my best. Keep on this positive spirits and I shall get everything that I want. Last but not least, to sharpen my domestic goddess skills. i.e Cooking and Cleaning. We don't want our future in laws complaining about it, right ladies?

Till Then.


  1. cooking!!!! haha sya mau blajar memasak so badly tp ada ja gaman suka mkn luar haissh..anyway, all the best for your wishlist! looking forward for the #1 mau tau napa mau pakai nice dress weheee :p

    1. Haha. Me too darl..klau sy x bljar msak, mati lh sy sma Future in law..seriously mama dia mmg awesome mmsak ni..huhu..

      P.s Meh lah kita sama2 belajar msak moi..hehe

    2. ya mariiiiii! hahaha sya sampin masak mi guring saja haha lain2, gagal!

  2. House renovation <3 i haven't visited your new house ooooooo.....

  3. yeah, exercising more is one of my aim too and currently working on it! i wish the same goes to u too ^^
    p/s: have a nice day there..

    1. Thank you dear! Wish you all the best too! :D

  4. Usually people make revolution for 2014, but u make one before reaching 2014. Cool! Hehe. Good luck in making them all come true! ^^

    1. HAHA. Just a short term goal that can be achieve in 2 months (Er. I think). Hopefully I can. ;) Thanks Aemy!


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