Finding Closure

Good day Earthlings.

By the time this post is up, I'm probably sitting on the floor with my make up smeared and ugly crying face; somewhere over there. The things is...I'm always so sure what I want in my life..If I want it, I will work my asses off like crazy until I can get it..If I don't want it, I will throw it as far as I can until it cannot catch up with me and bit me off again..but these few weeks has been really hard on me. I don't know what I want anymore. 

This really sucks!  Because all the while, my life were driven by my passion, my principle,  my dignity and my competitive / perfectionist side but everything is gone now. Maybe because I was too dissapointed with everything; I keep asking and blaming myself. 

Everything so perfect before. Exactly as what I've been dreaming for. 

But here I am today. Trying to find closure for myself so that I can move on. Forget the past and keep my head high up. 

Till then.


  1. been in your situation before, it sucks..but dont lose hope first, you're gonna figure out what you want in your life eventually! goodluck! :)


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