Vacations Part 2: Singapore

Hello August.
It's been awhile since my last blog posts. A month I guess. Perhaps more? HAHA I was having problem with Blogger limited photos upload capacity, as its did not allowed me to upload photos here due to my limited space left. *insert sad face And yet most of my post consist of photos and a lots of them. Some suggested that I upload the photo to Photo sharing website such as Photobucket, Flickr etc but I'm still considering about it. Anyhow, this is a long OVERDUE post that I promised. 

Day 1: Universal Studio Singapore

Lets the pictures do the caption!

With the last picture, I vowed to go USS again! 

Day 2: Bugis Street & Marina Bay Sand

Last photo of Beau with Marina Bay Background. Kinda suck we didn't bring DSLR when we visited Marina Bay Sand because we reached there quite late and Beau was tired driving as the GPS didn't work properly. *sulking Nothing much to see and go as well because the Garden by the Bay is closed by the time we reached there. I really want to go there again, but during daylight of course. Nightime view is good but I want photo-appropriate light, if you understand what I meant. 

Alas, Singapore is the first Country I've visited. How to conclude the trips? It was FUN. MAX FUN at USS especially. But poor Beau, its actually NOT fun driving there. He vow not to drive there again. HAHA. Honestly, the citizen are not really friendly but I guess that how they treat visitors there though some of them are very polite especially the uncles and aunties at Bugis Street. Went back around 2 AM in the morning and the freaking Checkpoint is still JAMMED! -,-" Like seriously? I wonder how Singaporean and Johorean can stand the LONGGGGG Checkpoint queue! 

The End.
Thanks For Reading.


  1. Wah, bestnya! I miss Singapore, esp USS & Bugis St! Singapore is my 1st country I've visited too. Will visit it again soon ;)

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Yep. I miss Singapore too! *sigh Planning to go there again probably next year since x sempat round habis bha that time. *finger's crosses

      P.s Please kirim salam with SG when u visit there ah. ^^

  2. hey u finally hit singapore!!!

  3. Hey Fay!
    Recently I went to Singapore and USS too! Singapore was also my first country to visit. I always knew that Singapore was gonna be my first. haha..

    I want to go back to USS again too. I didn't get much shots with the characters. So sad..

    Let's plan a holiday to SG again. Yeyy!! ^0^

    Dreamy Princess


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