Vacations Part 1: JB

Part 1. Here we go. 

Touched down in JB around 6.15PM. Beau and his friend came early to pick us up. Its my second time there yet everything seem very foreign to me. I guess, its been a while. Nothing much happened during the 1st night there. Catching up few things with Beau and he left me alone with my old little sister whom I haven't seen for 5 years. I had so much fun talking, sharing and gossiping with her. We had a simple yet lovely warm - welcome dinner with them. Ah. I will never forget those moments.

Day 1. Steamboat and Clubbing.

Beau has to work during my 1st day of vacation but we already planned to go out at night so NO BIGGIE at all. I spend the daylight with roaming around their places and stalking their stuffs. BAHAHA. Then, I went out for a lunch with the girls. Gossiping etc etc. Its amazing how we actually shared the same situation, same problems and same irritation with the boys. I guess its Girlfriend's Club secret session.

Breakfast made out from any foods that I can find in their fridge. HAHA. P.s Forgot to rotate the pic!

After finish work, Beau asked if I want to join him to go for a quick play with his "tiny" car and I said why not since I want to know what his usual activities with the boys. Boys and Car, ladies.

Went out with the gang for dinner. We took 2 big table to fit our entire clans. Had Yummy Steamboat for dinner. 

All of us were full. Full enough until I cannot burps and want to puke. -.-"

Some of them went back home after dinner, the rest of us left decided to go Clubbing. I have no experience at all with clubbing. HAHA. Thus you can pretty much say that its my first time. Went to JB's Pasar Malam beforehand to cut loose on the tight tummy before we went to The Zon for clubbing. Bought a cheap perfume there. #Amhappygirl
Though its actually Tuesday, the club are packed with people! 

New experience. Its really FUN. Fun watching only. Had a few drinks but that not going to make me drunk. Alcohol dissapeared very fast in my body. Specialty for a Kadazan girl, I guess.

That conclude the 1st day. Went back to rest and another great memories ready to be create by the next day.

Day 2: Big Bad Wolf Book's Sale and Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

Beau's vacation start today! Woke him up early because I'm really hungry and he took me out out for breakfast. After fulfilling big breakfast, I decided to drag Beau along with the girls to go to the Big Bad Wolf Book's Sale in Danga Bay Shopping Mall. 

Hi Beau!

I'm in heaven. Books heaven. Bought lots of books due to its crazy sales. Even Beau bought some for him too.

Saying Goodbyes to sister. So sad that I couldn't spend more times with her and then we (Beau & Me, Beau's friend & his girl) went straight to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO). I'm particularly (seriously) not in a good mood during this trip.

Few stuffs I bought in JPO. Something/someone seriously ruining my mood there. Thus I'm not really enjoying myself.

1st Victoria Secret purchase & beloved books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale.
Bye JPO. See you again next time. Hopefully I will return with a good mood.

That conclude the second day. Went back and crash down with some emotional stuffs. Feels so stupid since we are going to the Universal Studio the next day. Gosh. 

To be continue in Vacations Part 2: Singapore. 
Till then.
Rest well sweethearts. xo


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