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I may looks like I don't have many friends but actually I do. Its just that I like to categorized my friends into different groups. I know. Its just a bad habits of mine. I have my bestfriends, childhood friends, high school friends, college's friends, college's bestfriends, work place's friends, friends that I don't want to talk about. The lists goes on. However, today I will write about the childhood friends of mine.

I remember meeting with my childhood friends back then. 15 years ago. I was newly transferred from other primary school and being a new student scared the hell of me esp back then the boys like to play @ bully me. I remembered this boy name Gae-li (name has been changed but pronunciation is the same. HAHA) used to bully me a lot! He ever hit me using a broomstick. Hit me on my shoulder. Pull my hair and said bad things. ~.~" Then I met Adrian. A very good boy who always help me and back me up when Gae-li and his gang bully me . Being friend with Adrian means I get to know his others friends. Thus, I met Luna. She used to be bullied by the boys too but whenever she cried, the teacher will scold the boys. Back then, if you bullied her, means you will be in a big trouble with the teachers. I don't really remember how we got really close but eventually we became a good friend. Then I met Luna and Adrian's friend; Wend and Bell. These two girls love to talk about dramas. Let it be Chinese drama (My Fair Princess was very popular atm) or  some Spain drama (La usu Padora). HA HA HA. Writing about these really brings back all those good memories. Eventually me, Luna, Adrian, Wend and Bell became really close. We sat at the same table group, ate together during lunch, playing together during rest and so much fun more. 

As we grow up, we went to the same high school except Adrian and Bell were in a different class until our Form 4, together in Science stream class. We have been through a lots together. There are funny and stupid time like when we started to ignored one of ours because she was close with another new student. Some of us didn't talk to each other because someone is in love with the only boy in ours. HA HA. After SPM is over, we managed to held a reunion party almost everytime until Luna and Adrian went to Matriks and Bell went to Brunei. Me and Wend were still hang out together until I was transferred to KL to further my Degree back then. However, I meet up with Wend few times when she was in KL to further her studies (after STPM). Everytime I went back to KK, I will always meet up with Adrian and Luna to hang out and have a small reunion. Until now, we have never held a complete reunion as Bell was busy furthering her studies, Wend still in KL and hardly went back to KK, as Me, Adrian and Luna are busy with works. However, the three of us still hang out together when we have the time but mostly its just me and Luna. 

After all those new friends that I have made throughout these years, I've never feel anything so strong as my bonds with my childhood friends. No matter what happened, they always have some place in my heart. Somehow, we are all busy with our own life but still we know each others updates. They are awesome gift that very precious to me and irreplaceable. 

You can spot me directly. I am the big head. Somehow my head and my body doesn't changed that much and so does the rest of them. Adrian is M.I.A. P.s He is really handsome. HAHA. 

Why all the sudden I was reminiscing the good ol' childhood day? Its because.................

One of ours is getting MARRIED. YES. GETTING MARRIED. Please shriek in happiness for me! *Ahem. Actually for HER. 

Bell is getting MARRIED! Yes. Next week. OMAIGOD!

I am super happy for her. We all are. Anyhow, the wedding is next week and I'm expecting to meet up with the rest of our old friends. 

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS BELL! *throw confetti


  1. Congrats to your friend! I guess we will be expecting some wedding photos soon :)

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  3. Hi Fay, I decided to write a post using this url by now.
    Well I do have loads of friends but I kinda dislike my high school friends. I am not so sure because whenever I get to see them, they somehow like to make a comparison about who id doing well and who is not. I don't kind like that such kind of attitude.

    However, I do have one good friend on HighSchool which I do still hang out till today. Her name is Lillian. She's married and have 4 kids now. I could say that she's my childhood friend ever that I still hang out whenever I am back to hometown.

    Such a bless! and you are lucky to have those childfriends Fay.

  4. nice day:)
    saya adalah saya hari ini karena pilihan-pilihan
    yang saya kemarin..

    bagi-bagi motivasi yaa.. :)

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