Holla March!

Its feel like forever since my last blog post. There are too many things that happened in life. Sometimes when I have the urge to write, there's always something that came up and stop me. However, when I have the time, my brain stop functioning or others stuff came up and need my super attention. *sigh

March start with lots of bad things happened. Let it be works, relationship and life. I hate how social media these day ruined a relationship. I hate how insensitive people has been toward the other users. I think; for SABAHAN; no one will ever forget the 1st March tragedy. Lack of sleep, frightening to the max, spending too much for food stocks etc etc. At one moment, I can't even stop my tears any longer. One of those day, I will go to toilet just to cry. Pillow and mattress wet with tears. Its very very hard.

But I survived those day. Yes. It is a rough start and I hope it will get better in future.


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