Going short again!

Lucky I didn't put any hair resolution i.e Make it grow longer this year or else I have to scratched those resolution now. As usual, I have "hate and love" relationship with my hair and with the hair getting longer/thicker/hotter/messier; I don't know how many hair serum I bought just to help my helpless hair. *insert sad pathetic face I hate the split ends (there are lots of split ends!)  thus I dyed my hair darker recently. Actually I dyed it darker just to hide the split ends since I don't want to cut it. Feel so sayang with the hair. Eventually, I decided to...*insert creepy smile


I love having short hair. Especially bob cut like this. No need to stress about washing and drying my thick hair again. Plus everyone said that this cut suit me better. *kembang sudah  No need to worry what styles I should do anymore before I go out since this cut is really awesome and have those simple and clean look. I am glad that I cut it short. *wink

*Thinking of dyeing it vibrant red soon. Lets see how. *smile
**Trying to get the momentum to Blog again. 

Till Then.


  1. Santik bah! sya pun slalu sudah cut it short like this..exactly. tapi my mom bising sdh balik2 pindik rmbut ko debilang haha..so this year kasi pnjg la :)

    1. Thanks u darl! Ya..sy pn amat suka ni cut. Stress bha rmbut pjng..apa lgi klu gugur..heihh..myusahkn!! Haha


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