#1 Weeks In Photos

Hi'ya Everybody. How is everyone been doing? I've been caught with so many things and that's why the hiatus. ke ke ke. This is my first post for February? Pfftt. Why time flies so fast?! Anyhow please scroll down to check all photos that I've shared in Instagram for February. Have a great weekend ahead! Finally I can rest peacefully this weekend.

I've been diligently working out. Its either cycling or aerobics. I can see a much better stomach now. MUAHAHA.

 Went out to 1Borneo with BFF during CNY for a movie, food and books hunting.

 At the Pancake House. Sorry. Couldn't remember the dish name. I hate the marjerin but I love the salads and the chicken.

 Stop by at Big Apple to sit down and drink some coffee before resuming the shopping spree. Oh Hi Babe! #whysoserious

The expression of drinking double toast Cappuccino. #bitter 

 #The stuffs that I bought during our outing. 

Holiday reads. All the books that I read and re-read during the long holiday. *wink

 #Mee Maggi Laksa. Haven't ate one ever since I started on my detox program. Satisfying the crave during holiday.
#My Baby is sleeping. #Aw 
 Lil bro turned 9th yo on 17 Feb. Ate only a little cake and its turn out I'm allergic to real yam. *sob sob

 Craving of Chicken Porridge. Lucky its not Wednesday or Friday. #Lent

 I've been caught up with works. I haven't rest for almost two weeks. I ate only this for dinner when I stay back in office to finished my works. While everybody was having great holiday, I was working my ass off. Glad I took EL yesterday.



 #Swollen cheek due to ingrown of wisdom tooth. *sigh

 Last but not least, stupid exercise that I've been doing for a week now. Lying my back on my bed with my legs 90 degree on the wall. I dunno if its work but stomach feels flat eventhough after eating so much during dinner. Perhaps its really work? *pats stomach

Till Then. Have a great weekend guise!


  1. There was a guy at big apple who kept staring at our direction, so i stared back at him as well :P mwehehheheheeh


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