The Eyebrows

I have obsession with eyebrows. YES. A mortal's obsession. WHY? Let me explain. I've inherited a very thin, sparse and also ugly eyebrow from I don't know which ancestors. My siblings all have full, black and naturally shaped eyebrow from birth. T.T I am so jelly. NO, I'm not adopted. Thanks. So, this obsession with thick brows started when I start to watch Korean's Movies and listening to Korean's artist. They all have thick and full brow, not sure either its naturally straight etc or not. Anyway, I really love those kind of brow and now I'm totally obsess with it. 

I no kidding with the sparse eyebrow you know. You see yourself lah. I hate my eyebrow. T.T I know. I know. I should be thankful bla bla. But But But, why I no have full and thick eyebrow! T.T *sob sob* 

Michelle Phan once said "Eyebrows is really important. Its frame your face and can make a different. It doesn't need to be the exact same shape, as it should look like a sisters. " Bla Bla. I don't know if its really Michelle Phan lah but the sisters one is for sure from her. So, to have that youthful, thick and full eyebrows, I have to fill in my brows. You know, either with powder, pencil and you named each utensil you can use to make your brows awesome! 

I am so Jelly now. sob sob.

So, here's my mission of life; to fill in my eyebrow so it will look awesome.
My daily utensils use to do my eyebrow. Very cheap one OK. 

So, the different is HUGE right? How I do my brow? I just slightly fill in the brow with pencil with tiny strokes and then use the brow gel to hold the shape for the whole day. 

Fully filled in and thick brow make me really happy. I look different with full brow, which why I really really like it. However, I look #naked without my fake thick eyebrow. T.T I feel insecure and people who always saw me with make up on will never recognize me without my brow. HAHAHA.

#My Mom said I need to do my eyebrow more thinner. -.- Sigh. We have different taste.

Hopefully everyone have a nice one day's holiday.
Tomorrow is working day again.
Until Then.


  1. But I love your original eyebrows :3 hehheh

    1. Thank u babe! :3 Unfortunately its not cool as yours. You no need to fill in yours. I'm so jealous. :3

  2. Yay! Sya pun suka korean eyebrows..full and straight. mcm lebih kurang eyebrow kita ni hehe. my friends slalu cakap my kening tebal padahal sya rasa very thick yg bida ni haha
    x pa la moi..lukis pun lukis la xD

    1. ^.^ YAYY! Ada kawan saya. hehehe. Haih, itu lah ba. I think yg tebal nampak lebih muda bha kan, instead of yg nipis ni. Nampak mcam tua! :3

      Iya, lukis lah ni, slagi bulih lukis. hehee

  3. It does makes a lot of different when it comes to eyebrows. I love your before brows more natural, but after brows looks better. As for me, brow is my total enemy. I'm a sucker in fillin' and drawing it.

    1. Hi Liawati, Thanks you. ^.^ At first I'm also very amateur on filling and drawing my brow but I guess it get better everytime as I do it on daily basis (works, outing etc).

      #Practice makes perfect, they said.

      Have a nice day dear!

  4. My eyebrow also thin and sparse. Eyebrow liner is a must.. tidak buli inda pakai.. nanti macam zombie..

  5. wow great photos! brows defs make a big difference to your face

    xo; L&M

  6. I luv ur eyebrows! They look much better than mine, n they r beautiful when filled in. Embrace it :)


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