2013 Resolutions

Hi'ya. After a few ticked plus crossed here and there; I've finally managed to settle down for a few resolutions this year. Just a few, 7 only because I think Number 7 actually a very general terms that can be applied to anything. ke ke ke.

So Yeah, basically only those boring stuffs. Yeah Right.

1. Always and always be Thankful for everything eventhough I'm having a hard time. Must Must Must always think POSITIVE. Except for bad things, I must think negative lah.

2. Yeah. A must have - never achieved resolutions. OK. This year is a MUST because I am 24 already. Hmp.

3. Be stingy. That will do.

4. YES. Soon enough man!

5. Singapore and Johor again in May.*Finger's crossed*

6. Because I treat him bad (really bad) last 2012. Yea, only happened if he's being nice to me too. LOL

7. AWESOME-NESS MUST be shown in every aspect in life. OCD much? 

OK Lah Kan? HEHEHE. I need to BLOG MORE so that I have extra pocket money later on. And I need to renew my birth cert and apply for passport. Gah. Planning. Planning. Planning. 

Till Then.


  1. Hey...I like the "be stingy" ha ha..i need to save money as well....moolah mooolah!!

    Happy New Year Fay :)

    1. YES. I like that resolution too. Muahaha. If not being stingy ah, lots of people asking me money bah. Haish.

      Happy New Year too! :)

  2. We have several similar resolutions this year. I might blog about it too! Anyways, being stingy is probably the most hardest thing to keep up. Good luck, Fay!


    1. Hi Liawati,

      Couldn't agree more, being stingy probably the best but the hardest things to do. Hopefully I'm not very softhearted this time.

      Good Luck to you too! :)


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