2012 Resolutions [Checklist]

1st week of January 2013 has passed. How is the 1st week with everyone? Mine is really busy; with works. Yours? I've posted a 2012 resolutions back in January 2012, HERE is The Link. So I thought I would be nice if I check either I managed to cross all the resolutions last year. *drum rolls*

2012 Resolutions [Checklist]

1. Be Healthy
[/] Yup. I've done it. I managed to reduce all the allergic reaction within this year. Nothing so serious happened like previous years except those rashes that I got from drinking liquor. As for food, Ehm. Did I mentioned in 3 years, I have gained 10kgs? Yup, recently I lose 4 Kgs of it, so I think its a very good start. 

2. Get a Driver License
[X] A total failure because I'm still a chicken when I came to think all the accidents that I've been through before. However, this 2013; I must!

3. Good Job + Earning
[/] [X] I'm currently working in Logistic field which is 100% out of my bachelor degree field, however it is a very good job and the earning is OK too. As for 2013, my aim is a bit higher. I want acknowledgement and promotion. trololol. Yes, I am serious.

4. Blog More
[X] You judge yourselves. But my blog traffic this year is awesome. Kudos to the Big Bang's post. 

5. Laugh & Smile more often
[/] Yes. I do. I'm enjoying my life to the fullest right now. Intending to do the same for 2013.

6. Let go of the Past
[/] I'm letting go all the bad memories I have in the past. Its served me better without all those insecurities and all eventhough I'm still as bad as previously but yeah, I came to know the term "Love yourselves first before you love someone else" real meaning. 

7. Enjoy whatever 2012 has to offer
Lets see:
[/] New job + good earnings
[X] The Boyfie pack schedule + less time spend together
[X] Almost break up with him but somewhere and somehow he managed to pull us together again
[/] Going to Johor with BFF & her Mom + Celebrated Birthday and 3 years Anni with Bofyie
[X] Make a stupid mistakes at work (which is truly stupid & I don't want to go through the same thing again. Ugh.)
[/] Move to our new house.
[/] Enjoy Christmas with big Family + the Boyfie

So I managed to checked almost 70% - 80% of my 2012 resolutions and I already have a few in mind for 2013. I will post up my 2013 resolutions after I finalized them all. 

How about yours 2012 resolutions? Managed to cross 'em all? 

Till Then.
Thanks For Reading.


  1. Wow, you girls really in love with this resolution thingy huh?? sa betul2 tida pandai oo.. I just think, makin resolution will make me tambah nda berdisiplin.. ngahahaha..

    1. Kikiki..girls and their resolutions..every years almost the same bha Aki.;)
      Anyway, sy perlu bha ni resolutions supaya sy dpat thrive apa yg sy mau ni 2013. Klau xda aa,lg la sy yg xda displin. huehue


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