20.01.2013 Whereabout

Blessed Sunday everyone. Woke up early (Is 6.15 am consider as early?) today so that we can attend early Sunday's service at St. Augustine. After service, my parent brought all of us to see our sick grandmother (my real grandma's sister) and then went to uncle's small shop to eat Mee Sup for lunch.

 Change my nail's color the night before and I cut it short. #Red
 FOTD: My lil sister tied my hair like that. -,-" 
 Mee Sup campur. :'D My favorite.
 After lunch, we went back home and I found this flower. (My mom plant it and I don't know the name, please do not ask me about flower thingy as the last time I tried to plant one, only bean sprout came out ok. #true story)  
 My cat has this new obsession staring outside the window especially during night time. #Creepy, I know
 Watching Merlin's Season 5 season Finale. Next week! :'D I cannot wait.
Yours Truly. Went out with Mom & lil bro and sister for groceries this evening. -.-" I hate being the walking ATM machine. *sigh* 

Nevertheless, I  had an OK Sunday event. Time spend well with the Family, eating, cleaning and sleeping.  Haven't had the chance to go out shopping yet but already planning with the other girls. Pay day, please come faster. I need new spectacle and I need to de-stress as soon as possible. As I'm writing at the moment, my level of annoyance is getting higher, will he ever understand why I treated him coldly? I bet he never understand. Ugh!

Tomorrow is Monday. I like Monday. 
Till Then.


  1. Replies
    1. Bahahaaa..All is well...All is well...:) meh shupping!

  2. Bean sprout? seriously? haha biarlah kan.
    Yay! sya sudah habis tgk Merlin. the ending was..OMG! can't wait for the next season... xD

    Have a nice week Fay! :)

    1. HAHAHAA Mich! Yesss...mimang betul2 bean sprout!! And x akan membesar sdah. -.-" I dont hv green fingers bha..that why lah..hehehee...

      ^.^ Merlin's awesome!! Me too!! Can't wait!


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