Blessed Christmas 2012

Its still not yet late to wish Blessed Christmas to everyone. Hopefully everyone had an awesome Christmas this year. Sorry for the lack of updates as I'm busy as forever since last week. Due to works stuffs; which tag along during my Christmas's Eve and on our Open House on 26th. Hate to admit it but I love working though I hate distraction especially when I want to spend time with the Fams and the boyfie. 

Behold a few photos that I took during 22 - 26th December.

Our Christmas's Tree.

With the Boyfie; soon after we fetch him from the Airport. #ILoveMyHair

With My Sister on Christmas's Eve Mass. Courtesy to Boyfie's Note 2 that took amazing photo.

Wrapping the Christmas's gift for Gift's exchanged activity later on. #During our Open House on 26th Dec. 

#The After-math. This girl has to work on 27th eventhough she got drunk the night before and having a terrible hangover.

So, I test my own limits during our Open House and got drunk with unknown but strong liquor and I got rashes the next morning until now. Yipee. *sulks*
With the sister and Boyfie's friend/co-worker/my relative. Yes. He's all that title.

And last but not least, yours truly with the love of her life. *puke* Ok. Sound cheesy.

To be honest, I had the most wonderful Christmas this year; not only the Boyfie was here and celebrating/helping/being all sweet but also my extra big mucho mucho lovely familia gathered together. Its been a while but for me, this is The Best Christmas Ever in my 23 years of life-span. Hopefully more to come. HEHE  

Still, BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 guise. #Lets do our New Year Countdown next. Although I'm not able to spend the New Year with the Boyfie at his hometown, but I'm glad that I'm not because his family deserved his attention too while I already stole him for Christmas. *Angel's face* HEHE

P.s Re-checking my New Year resolutions again. 
Till Then.


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