A new place above

Hi'ya peeps! Just a short post to let ya guise know that I'm currently reside in our new family home. It is at the same place just a different location. Currently I'm amazed on how my laptop can detect our old house wireless connection, so I thought I give it a post. Currently there is no wireless/internet connection set up at our new place, its has just been a week or so, and I haven't finish transferring my stuffs from the old house to my new bedroom here. With moving, end of the year work loads, Christmas celebration on the corner, I might slip a little on Blogging but I will try my best to update despise the lack of internet connection.

That's all for now. I hope everyone is anticipating on Christmas mood. ke ke ke.

Till Then. xoxo


  1. Moving a new house kah Fay...Cantik x'mas tree u..hehhe


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