Yes, I've changed

A lots. If you asked me why? I surely answered you directly; because of what life forced me to. There many things in life that I've plan carefully but ended up with nothing. There are things I worked really hard for, but ended up; I can't even have it. There are feelings I don't want to feel but ended up fell for it. 

I didn't wish for the changes but somehow its happened. Its happened during the time I were lonely and no one to talk to except God. Somehow, I changed into this heartless person. But, this heartless person is much more stronger than before. Yes, she cried but then she wipes her tears and never look back. She learned that she is much more better than these; the previous her. There she know herself more and she learned what she really want now.


Not everyone can gave her but at least she hope they try. 


  1. Yes... sometimes we change to get more better life..isn't it..

  2. Change is always constant for good and bad.



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