[Review] Fifty Shades Of Grey by EL James

This review contains lots lots lots of explicit sexual wording that may bring discomforts, heart attack, mind - disturbing and anxiety. Please continue to read if you're OK with these labeled content or else please click the [X] button to exit. READ on your own account as the writer will not be responsible for any damages done. 

Kinky Fuckery. That's my first impression of the first trilogy of Fifty shades. At first I thought the book is almost the same as the typical-romantic-over the top story line that I've read. I collect hopeless romantic - type of Novel, so I know what I'm talking about. At  the first few chapters, I thought "Yeah. Rich guy with fucked up past plus kinky - dirty mind interested in young, pure, innocent fresh graduate girl." You know, the typical stuffs. However, as the story goes deep; BAMP. There's the introduction to BDSM lifestyle. As for those who doesn't know what BDSM stand for, I will quote a definition for ya' guise below kay:

BDSM or (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) is a preference and sometimes form of personal relationship centering around activities that are erotic but may not be sexual, and which may include the consensual use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role play. [LINK]

You still can click the [X] button if you think this is too much for you to read. I won't be mad for sure. We have Mr Christian Grey and Ms Anastasia Steele as our main characters. Both with different background, minds and etc etc. Simply both from a whole different world. They both meet when Anastasia went to interviewed Christian on behalf of her sick bestfriend/housemate, Kate. In their first meet, the attraction between both of them are very expect-able. They parted after the interview but meet again at the shop where Ana works (the so called unexpected meeting was actually planned by the extreme stalker, Christian Grey who actually done the background checking on Ana soon after she left from the interview). There, Christian offered himself to be photograph for Kate's article and from there, Christian and Ana get really close. They went on a date, fly to Seattle by Charlie Tango, went for Sky gliding etc etc. As the story goes, you started to see the problem arise from the relationship. 

Anastasia wants more. MORE. Not just a submissive to Christian - the Master. While Christian wants Ana to be his faithful, loyal submissive for his BDSM lifestyle. 

Le' Contracts & description of what Christian offers to Ana. She can even discussed these matter with him. Oh gez. 

In a very short time, Ana fall in love with Christian. What's there not to love about him; he's CEO, fucking mega-millionaire, sexy, awesome lover, gave Apple's laptop, Blackberry and Ipad to his girl. Moreover, there's the graduation present; The Audi. Yes. He's very easy to love. Meanwhile, Christian started to show his "evil" side, spanking her and punishing her everytime she won't listen or defies his order. To be honest, I was very very emotionally disturb at this part. I'm in reality; a person against abuse in relationship. However, I must keep in mind that it's the BDSM lifestyle we're talking about. They want it like that and both party takes pleasure in that kind of lifestyle. Kudos to The RED ROOM OF PAIN. -.-"  

I don't know why but I keep thinking Christian is using SEX to keep Ana with him. But when Ana confessed that she had fallen in love with him; Christian was shocked and refused her love. As if he's not worthed to be love. He has these issues with touch, love and any kind of comforts. At the end of the book, Ana left him because he refused to accept her love. I was crying and at the same time feels relieved. Gosh. It took her quiet some time to accept the facts that they were both different and they want two different things. The abrupt ending of the first book is soooo not cool OK. I was lucky I bought the whole set of The Fifty Shades Trilogy or else I will DIE of wondering what's going to happened to both of them next.

Quiet frank, I'm not really interested in the first book because I thought it was an OK. Its full of sexual scene description started from deflowered - action, oral stuffs and kinky stuffs. Geez. You get what I mean. I'm very familiar with those scene but for those who aren't, well, they might get migraine and headache soon after reading. HAHA. But still, it was an interesting story as I get to know about the BDSM's lifestyle, and some physiological issues etc etc. There are few scene that I can relate to reality but most of it is fiction. Yes, maybe a real Christian Grey exist somewhere in this world but I think I will put my hands off. I am too normal for him and I don't have the patience and love of Ana Steele. I prefers my Vanillas. Thank you.

Rating: 3.5/5
Cheesy romantic: 3.5/5
18SX+: 6/5

I'm working on the second Trilogy now. Laters baby.

P.s Have you read the Fifty Shades Of Grey, what do you think? Leave a comment down below. Love to exchanged POV with some of the readers.


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  2. This book is very famous these days. I'm curious about the story, but sadly I don't think it's been translated in Indonesia..

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