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I've finally finished the Fifty Shades Trilogy on Saturday (early) morning and now working on the reviews that I've promised. I will try to make the review interesting. HAHA. Saturday was fun and new; I went out for some window shopping with my co-workers, we chats, we laugh and we try to get to know each other more. This makes my determination to get driving license as soon as possible more stronger. Yesterday Sunday was fun too; had to canceled hanging out with BFF and went on a trip with the Family; visiting old folks, playing with fat puppies and swimming in the river. AH. I just need those time where I shouldn't thinks about works, friends or BF. Just me and the family. Its a great weekend.

For me, LOVE relationship is all about having doubt and building trust in the relationship itself. What made it more special is; when both trying really hard to make it work. When you started to wonders, that mean you started to lose trust. If you ever feels that way, work it out together. You'll be surprised how much each of you means to each other. 

I super LOVE this last part of the second book of The Fifty shades; Fifty Shades Darker. Now I'm contemplating to re-read the trilogy. AH. I can't never get enough of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Its weird that their relationship almost have the same situation as us; me and him. Nope. My boyfie is not BDSM fan. If he is, I should know by now. 

And Yours Truly with her hair tied and a few zits here and there. A couple nights without enough sleep and a content heart of finally finished reading the awesome The Fifty Shades Trilogy. HAHA. Yes, I keep mentioning those books. Yes. I fucking LOVE it.

Happy Diwali to all! Happy Holiday! 

P.s CHRISTMAS countdown! 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. and now I can't wait your review on it...

    1. Hi Shellia,

      I don't know if you've read my first book review but I'll give the link here:

      Hopefully you can check it out and comment though the review is not that good. *blushing*


  2. How is the story of the fifty shades? :D
    it looks interesting to me. hehe

    Btw, I love the quote :D

    1. Hi Nia Lee,

      Thanks for dropping by. I have done the 1st book review here
      You're welcome to check it out.

      I love the quote too.



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