Foods and Farewell

Had a Farewell dinner organised by the Company on Monday. Farewell and Good luck to one of our supervisor, an ex now. It was rainy night; just like previous previous previous night as it is raining season (I think) because its almost at the end of the year. Anyway, just scroll down for photo bombing session.

We had the Farewell Dinner at this LITTLE ITALY RESTAURANT, KK. It was a very cozy and warm environment, perfect for a little gathering.

Drinks for the night: I'd go for Ice Lemon Tea (Large) 

We can either choose between Pizza or Pasta for the main course and I choose Pizza (Carnivoroes - If I'm mistaken) and its a yummy combination of Beef Pepperoni, Chicken and ham bacon. 

Co-worker: Meet Cal (Left) and Maya (Right)

Loving the yellowish light but it so not fun when you're taking picture. Troololol

Blackforest Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe

Last but not least, yours truly and Mrs Cal again.

It was a really good dinner though I don't really like the Pizza, I think I should go for the pasta instead though its quite expensive. Maybe next time? Wishing all the best of luck and future for PD. I will give her a call in case I'm planning to visit Thailand next year. 

P.s Second review for Fifty Shades on HOLD till weekend. Work loads keep piling on. Moreover, maybe the in-laws are coming these weekend too. #Nigella's the domestics goddess mood turned ON.  

Thanks For Reading. xoxo


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