Fifty shades of Bubbles

Hiatus is so not cool. Especially after the nerve-saddening-threaten to gave up posts. Pardon me for being so emotionally - unstable. But no worries, I am very stable now. Why? Because I recently bought these babies:

The Fifty Shades Trilogy
I have read two books so far (In 4 days!) Officially finished Fifty Shades Darker last night and on my last / third book this morning. I've been looking for the whole set for quiet some times now and finally bought it on Sunday. I'm the most happiest woman / reader in the whole world. Reading makes me happy. 

P.s Will do a short review with each of the books soon. I love The Fifty Shades. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. haha..hands off Christian Grey. he's mine!! :)

    1. No Fay! You hands off! HAHA..two Fay is fighting over Christian Grey..;)


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