Oct 2nd Weekend : Photo-Blog

Hi'ya! I've been eating like crazy yesterday since I lost my appetite due to unstoppable growth of Wisdom tooth since a week ago. I only ate soup base stuff i.e Porridge and also Chicken's soup as I can't eat solid food yet. -.- Its very painful to open my mouth to eat the foods, let alone chewing it. 

1. Chicken's soup for today
2. Chicken's porridge for yesterday

Went to my Aunt's house next door to visit her newest puppies addition. Couldn't help myself to hug and kiss the tiny tiny tiny puppies. They are so adorable.

 (Please ignore the tummy fats. Bahaahaha.)

Poor puppy. He played too much and hurt himself on the head. According to my Aunt, her puppies are so playful and noisy. Ah. Can't wait to see until they're grown up a bit because right now they were so tiny. Its been a while since I last played with puppy. My Butot is a grown up already, she's even bigger than her mother. -.- Playing with her is fun but because of her size, its can be a little bit inconvenience for me. Got scratches here and there, especially on my arms and thigh. She's so ganas. Anyhow, according to my dad, we won't adding any more puppies at the moment, not until our new house's construction are done. Its still in the midst of construction right now, hopefully before the end of 2012, the house will be fully done.

Last but not least, behold the awesome Manga! Bahahaha. Just imagine eating it with Ikan Bilis, Belacan, garam and you named it. Screw you wisdom tooth! Ugh.

Have a "nice" Monday everyone!

Thanks For Reading.


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