Happy Belated Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to my Dad! *throw confetti* I was busy shopping and also eating pigging again this week, which mean that I'm slowly drifted apart from my exercise routines hence the muffin's love is back again. But who cares anyway, a girl women is allowed to do whatever she wants in her birthday's week. Whatever it is, its mean that I've to do 3 days body cleanse next week before I'm going to Johor. Speaking of Johor, fuck! My 2 days leave haven't yet approve which seriously pissed me off. Well, I'll just fly off because I've already passed it early for approval but certain people something is busy with others more urgent things. Anyway, here's a few pictures that took recently (I forgot to take the haul's photos because I'm super busy dyeing my hair again).

Watching The Sleeping Beauty, Original Disney Movie on my Birthday Eve. Since the Boyfie has started his training in Singapore, he has been very busy and have a very limited time to accompany me. Thus, me must find something old to watch. Tehee!
Happy 23 years old to ME. 
The face. My chubby-ness contributed my most valuable asset in my face: still have this youthful look eventhough I'm old already. Paiseh. 
 Since 31st August is Malaysia Independent day, its officially a public holiday for us. Spending all the morning shopping till I almost broke with mom and then spend the rest of the afternoon till evening watching TV. @Watching Malaya History at History Channel.
Bought daddy a Birthday cake because I was also celebrating our trio birthdays: Mom on 18th August, Me on 28th August and Dad on 1st September. I only can satisfies my next cake craving on December with both my little brother and sister's birthday which also a double celebration in one. Easy mah, cheap somemore! :P Tehee.

And I'm going to end this post with the title itself. 
Meet Slowpoke.

Sorry for being a slowpoke this month. I'll try harder for September. No promise though.

Thanks For Reading.


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