Weekend #1

Practically in a week, I only have 1 day and a half of free time since I'm working half day on Saturday. But still, I am really thankful for those work-free time. Not really work-free time though since I still need to do some house chores and cleans my messy bedroom. Laundry (check). Do the dishes (check). Clean my room (check). Arrange make up stuff (check). 

Breakfast on Saturday. My extra energy for running around like crazy to finish the works. But after eating this, I got weak stomach until today. -..- Did my secret admire put something inside? O.O
 Went for some shopping on Saturday since I was almost empty on these products. I super love the MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth BB Silky Powder. I'll do a review post for this soon.
Done a manicure. Loving my super bling - bling cherry sparkles nails.

Taken during on our way to Church. Daddy keep nagging everyone to prepared earlier so that we can reach there on time.  
A rack fulled with junks beauty stuffs.

1. I hate it when people keeps asking me when I'm going to get married. Its like 'Hello, I'm not even officially 23 yet'. I will only get married when I'm really really ready. Right now, IMPOSSIBLE. I'm 100% not ready.

2. I've been using less make up these days and I noticed that my skin has improved a lot. Thanks God my new skincare routine are working!

3. Planning a reunion with my besties. Ah. I can't wait to get together with all them again. Yes, I do have a bestfriends.

4. Planning on getting a driving license at the end of this month. Only if my budgets is working and I'm not overspending during Johor's trip next month.

5. Talking about the trip, I may need some shopping end of this month since I really need a new jeans. The old one is getting loose and loose everyday. I don't know if I'm losing weight or the materials is getting loose. HAHA

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