Photo-Blog End July + Early August

Hi'ya. 'Sup. Gez. 2012 went on really really fast, isn't? I've promised to blog often again but went missing at the end of July. HAHA. I'm not good in keeping promises. But, no jokes. Here's behind the reasons of my absent in Blogging's world.

#The Boyfie and his clans, who decided to visit. Clans = Family members. 

#No offense. But I fell in sick after their visits, maybe because I was too busy becoming "Nigella - The Domestic's goddes". 

#Busy learning how to use my phone camera without Instagram because everytime I used Instagram, my picture came out 'broken'. wtf So, now I edit pictures using pixl-o-metric. #I don't know if I spell it right. -..-

 #The panda-eyed ME. Because I cried like a fool the night before. -..-

 #Celebrating Uncle's Birthday. Mom's birthday also coming soon, in fact in 11 more days.


#Taken during Sunday's service. I super love the effects.

#The first service for Kinarut's 1st Rev. Rev Daniel Dick J. 

#And lastly, I've been busy dancing. HAHA. Kidding. I'm forced into this. My whole body is stiff like a rock. -..- I wish I can hide my face now!

And last but not least, I have permanent job now and this month I will turn officially 23 years old. #Early announcement so that you ppl won't forget to give me a gifts. HAHA. I can't believe it. Its seem just like yesterday I was 20. -..- Now I feel old. #Abruptly ending this post!

Thanks For Reading.


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