Our very own Hero

Our very own Malaysia's Hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei has done marvelous performance in the final Olympic badminton match last night. The hard-to-breath and nerve-wrecking game was the best game so far that I've seen in my entire life. Yes, they (Dato' L. Chong Wei and Lin Dan) both deserved to be called the best badminton player in the world. It was a very tight game and at the end DLCW lost to LD with 21-19 in 3rd game. 

 #DLCW tweeted saying that he was sorry because he couldn't bring Malaysia a gold medal.

Nevertheless, I AM VERY PROUD WITH DATO' LEE CHONG WEI. Malaysian know that he has done his very best to win the game over his arch rival, LD but its not his luck and not our too. Congratulation DLCW, you've made us Malaysian proud. *throw confetti*

P.s Hi. Haven't been able to update my blog in a while. My favorite month is finally here. ke ke ke. Normal post soon! *toodles* 

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  1. Dato' Lee Chong Wei is the best :) man that game was nerve-wrecking! >.< But it was fun ;D


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