Clumsy Friday

I admit that once in a while, I am very clumsy. Actually, I took it back. I am clumsy. Always. I made mistakes on important documents and pray really hard that it won't become an issues in the future or else I'll be dead meat. I hit my legs really hard on my table because I'm too lazy to stand up and picked up printed documents. I stepped on stapler. And today, I cut myself. Please clap for my success. I am very clumsy huh. 

Ze' cut. My masterpiece. LOL. Its freaking long and deep ok. Its has been few months since I last cut myself. Maybe this is a good luck charm? Because after this incident, I just realized that I got secret admirer. -..- 
I secretly plastered it up before my Dept's leader know about this. -..- Better hide it before she called me clumsy. Yah. I know I'm awesome. Self-inflicting pain.

Thanks For Reading.


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