The Week Days

Has passed and now its weekend. Working half day today and didn't even manage to warms up my chair as I was running around trying to finish my works. I love working. At least I don't realize how much time has passed by. Hah! We're in the middle of July already. Now I'm counting the days until pay day and also the end of month for the news of either I am accepted as the company permanent staff or not. I don't mind if I got the bad news though as I believe there must be another awesome job waiting. Hey, at least I have done my very best for these probation month. Anyhow, I will keep my mind with positive thinking and do my very best at my job. *determine*

Since I already quit my part time job as a Tutor, I finally have my own time to rest and also started to blog again. As much I love working, I do need a rest at least once a week. So, I downloaded this new awesome photo editing apps for my phone the other day and I am totally in love with it. Ah, look at the edited photo above. Almost look like Instagram - filters + effects + Bokeh, right?   
The skin that never stop to amaze me! I am now officially allergic to Clean and Clear Fairness Toner. *sigh* I hate my sinus problem and my allergic. -..-"
Stopped wearing the Toner and walao, skin back to normal with only a slight redness. Love the effects! :)
Lunch on Thursday. I must eat a lot because I am not me when I'm hungry. Er. Sound like the Snicker's Advertisement. 
#Quote of the Day

AH. I'm thinking of getting my own domain but I don't know where to start. -..- Blogspot already prevent me from uploading photos and now I'm using Google+ additional 1GB photo's file to upload. 1GB photo file won't be enough for me! Anyone out there that know how to apply for own domain? The price? The maintenance? I might have to Google everything after this. 

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