Whats in my make up bag

Cheap stuffs. Cheap stuffs. AHA. I have different bags for a different occasions, let say, staying outside for a night - I have a different make up bag or make up bag for travelling and stuffs.This is my make up bag that I brought with me when I went out/works. Pretty simple stuffs inside. Seriously. Lets explore!  

This is my current go - to make up bag. I used Guardian's pouch before but its was too small for some of my stuffs/tools and  Mom bought me this baby. Its a HERA - Korean brand, I think. Its pretty awesome because it can store lots of stuffs inside and the price is also affordable. Me like cheap stuff that has a good quality, of course. 

Whats in my make up bag. HAHA. For my go - to make up bag, I only bring a basis make up things with me. As you can see below, everything is simple and really really boring. HAHA.

Even with all these things inside, there are still a lots of space inside the HERA pouch which is why I like it so much because I can throw unnecessary stuffs inside. HEHE

 1. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream (Fresh)
3. VASELINE Lotion (Nourishing)
4. Daiso Hanataka Powder - Highlighter powder

 1. AVON  Mascara - Blackest Black
2. IN2IT Felt Liquid Eyeliner in Black
3. Baby Blue Eyeliner and Eyebrow pencil in Brown
4. AVON Glimmer-stick Eyeliner in Blackest Black
5. AVON Clear Mascara - which I used on my brows
6. Cheap Eyebrow brush

 1. AVON Concealer in Almond
2. AVON Simply Pretty Lipgloss in Tangerine Sparkles
3. Nivea Fruity Shine lipgloss/balm in Strawberry (My HD balm ever)
4. IN2IT Sheer Shine Lipstick in Ultimo

Last but not least, some random cheap blusher brush, hair clip and sometimes I brought this Blusher by Max Factor (Soft Cardinal) with me. I tend to changed whats inside my make up bag times to times because I got so many make up that I need to used/finished up before the expire date. But usually, I just bring these kind of make up when I went out with my friends or working. I don't really like to bring many stuffs because I want to save up some space in my bags for others things. HAHA. Moreover, I don't like to dig up all my make up just to find a freaking lipgloss inside my bag especially when the bag is already filled up with lots of rubbish stuffs.

So, Whats in your make up bag? Do you own one/two/more? Do share in the comment box down below. :D

Thanks For Reading.


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