After a long hiatus

I do miss Blogging actually. But because I'm so determine to take a rest and also concentrate on finding a permanent job, its has been a very very long hiatus, isn't? 

Jobs Hunting

Its was never an easy task to begin with. To be honest, at one time; I feels like my First Class Honor result that set back the Company from accepting me. They think I am really good but they also think that I won't stay longer. Pfft. They didn't even trust me when I said I won't go. Even some big Company that I went to asked me a racist questions. i.e questioning about my religion and how do I feel about working with others who has different religion. If I write a complain letter to that Company about their racist staff, definitely she will be fired! But, I'm a good person. Lets just say that I took the incident as an experiences for my upcoming interviews. And finally two weeks ago, I went for an interview for the post of Logistic Assist. at the Company closed to my home and I got it! I don't have the basic of any kind about Logistic but I did Google it before the interview and they praise me for my efforts. ke ke ke. I will start working on 2nd of May and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous because this will be my first real job. -_- Wish me luck!

Hair = Shorter

I did cut my hair (shorter) a day before the interview in hope that it will work as a Good Luck charm. Yeah, it did work. So, I have to scratch those list of "keep my hair longer and dye it blonde" in my resolution. Here are 3 vain picture of my new hair. I think my personality suit short hair than the longer one. :'D

Blog Renovation - FAILED!

*sigh* I didn't changed much, aren't I? With crappy internet line for the past two weeks, I hardly got the chances to renovate this Blog. Anyhow, I will let this Blog stay clean and simple like this first because I am slowly learning all the CSS Coding etc right now. Hopefully I can come up with something that is cooler than this current template. ke ke ke.

Blog Readers - AWESOME!

Because I went missing for almost 2 and a half weeks, I didn't notice the number of my recent followers. But...*aww* 


Thanks For Reading.


  1. Clare Cheal Ared JCApril 27, 2012 at 2:07 PM

    Good luck on your first day ^^


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