Hey. Its been a while. I thought I need to begin with I'm sorry for hiatus but again, I'm always sorry for almost everything that happened in my life. Nevertheless, I am sorry

My life is in a mess right now and I'm trying so fucking hard to settle everything that created the mess that I dwell with. So, I lost my beloved puppy Wonka on Monday. She was sick just like Teh did before she left us and I am in mourning session for a few days. T.T I love  Wonka to bits eventhough I said that I won't. Then on Wednesday, Tuku (another pet) gave birth to three beautiful puppies. Its like she has sense my sadness and suddenly she gave me these three beautiful and cute little puppies of her. T.T To make me cheers up a bit, my tired daddy installed a new book's rack in my room. He has been working really hard these day because our family is having another rocking financial problem. *sigh* There are so much of things to be settled financially. I did help by giving my not - so much salary but its still won't be enough. #I need a freaking real job! Other than helping my parents, I was in need to help my other half. AH! If only there is a money rains right now! -_- I have been working really really hard to earn extra money to help both parties that I love the most. I can't even sleep well at night because I keep on worrying how to get enough money! If all those problems above are not really serious, this one might:- I am not happy working as a Tutor (anymore). Maybe its because of the place or maybe its the people but I feels something different. I sense some kind of weird energy. Sometimes I feels like I have been treated unfairly. T.T WHY WHY WHY is this kind of feeling is haunting me! AH. I hate this kind of situation.

 This is a PHONE DIY Crystal Bling that I got from Seventeen Magazine which was bought during my visits to KL last month. Please ignore my hairy thigh. >.<

 My new Book's Rack! :) Now I have lots lots of empty spaces for new books. Thanks you dad!

  I have been losing weight like crazy! -_- I don't eat that much anymore and I fitted into a smaller size of Skinny jean! -_- Ah. This is what happened when problems had overtake my mind and body. :'( Its unhealthy. 

The things is, I am unhappy and I have none to talked about it. I need some happy - retails and stuffs but with these financial problems going on: I couldn't. I wish I can tell my BF about everything but I just can't. He had helped me so much when I was in the need of help and I just can't help it to turned him down. T.T I am sorry dear. I am working on it OK. Please be patient with me. :\ AH. My mind is going crazy! 

Thanks For Reading this Rants Post.


  1. be strong, hun... everything will work out eventually...

  2. :/ oh hun..i hope things work out for you!

    Things will start to get better soon ! Just try not to worry and take each day as it comes.

    i know what it's like to be depressed/worried, but i'm sure everything will be ok. Just keep your chin :)

    -Amy Xx

  3. Thanks hun. Will pray for that. :\

  4. Hi hun, Thanks you so much for your sweet encourages. :) I will try ok. Its might be just another things to keep me strong in the future. *hugs* Thanks you.


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