Last of March

So. Uhm. Its supposed to be an Earth Hour right now but since I just got back from Church and ate my dinner, I forgot to switch off the light. Moreover, I got soooo many exercises to marks tonight. -_- I will turn off my light when I go to sleep then (like I always do. Duh.) Its the last day of March, did we just blinked our eyes and then poof, here's April. Time does flies so fast this year huh? I wonder when will I got a real job. When will some companies accept me. T.T

 My favorite snack during working. -_- Chocolates always help me to stay calms and stay normal, apart from Coffee. I really need these or I will get angry faster. #I am scary. I know.

 After the second last interview I went the other day, I asked my sister to cut my hair. I don't know why. Maybe the constant reminder from the BF who said I looks plain these day. -_- Which of course turned into sour arguments later on. I stay mad at him for a week because he know how insecure I am with myself but he bugs me with those stupid suggestion. Ugh.

So, I got my hairs layered like that and I know its such a mess now but I'm going to dye my hair soon and I hope its will looks better after that. March has been a pretty harsh and tough month for me. With all the financial's problems going on and insecure inner - self battle going on; I admit that I almost gave up. Luckily, I didn't and the most important part is; I SURVIVE! What a month. I hope April will be nicer to me though. Thanks for sticking with Faith. Love. Hope and also for leaving a sweet and encouraging comments. *virtual hugs*

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