BIG BANG "Fantastic Baby"

I am super duper excited for Big Bang Comeback for 2012. So excited until I keep drooling non - stop over watching their MV. G - Dragon's new hair cut, no problem though. In fact, its really suit him in all the MV especially in Fantastic Baby. The best Leader ever! I have no problem with Top's blue hair and eyebrow and lens. HAHA. He still charismatic as ever. Tae Yang's inability to wear shirt? Duh. I want to drools over his abs. He become really fierce in Fantastic Baby. Two member that surprise me the most is Dae Sung and Seung Ri! Who know behind Dae Sung powerful voice and cute characteristic, he actually keeping his amazing abs. *drools* And Seung Ri, Man! You've become smexier more and more. AH. I can't keep drooling. *nose bleeds* 

 Drools. Drools. ABS! Ah, Dae Sung~

 Oh Mamas, I wanna be your lover~ Na na na

Ouh Tae Yang. xD

BIG BANG "Fantastic Baby" MV

The awesome LIVE performance!

Are you a VIP yet? HAHA. Infecting my readers with Big Bang's viruses. xD

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  1. Love their singing my blues

  2. They are just amazing ^_^

  3. I'm so crazy over them esp G-Dragon..Nope, I've got no prob with his new hairstyle haha

  4. err, siapa durang ni?? :D.. he he he.. but lawa juga la body durang..

  5. Me too! His hairstyle is always awesome! xD

  6. Can't agree more! :)

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  9. G-dragon and Taeyang.... W0W Fantastic Baby


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