Wordless Wednesday #11

I want this for upcoming Valentine's day! woot woot! xD *Insert creepy smile*

Madly in love with TS3 Master Suite Pack's loading screen! *drools*

HAPPY WORKING WEDNESDAY! 2 more days before Convocation's day! #YAY

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Best nie kan Sims Game..huhu... Happy wednesday too and congrats for your Convocation...

  2. wow.. exotic oh.. ha ha ha.. lama suda tia layan game gini ni.. dulu peberet.. ^_^.v..

  3. HEHE. Kalu budak2 yg suka design2 kan, suka betul sma ne the sims sbb siok mau design rumah..:D Still my faveret ne..xD

  4. Hai Jue, Iyaa!! Sa sokong 100% ne games amat amat lah best (dua perkataan amat d sengajakan) kikiki..since The Sims 1 smpai The Sims 3, sa masi lgi main ne benda..xD


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