How 'they' and 'we' see it

Discovered these amazing pictures (that looks like a meme @9GAG stuffs) circulating on my Facebook's homepage. Since most of my pre - posts (HAHA. Draft post) are still undergoing some editing process, I thought of sharing these stuffs. Laugh out loud or nodded in agreement as much as you want. Enjoice!

HAHAAHAHAHA. OK. There are lots I think but only these two are circulating around my homepage. And I'm sorry for being MIA for a few days. Struggling with flu and cold lately and works keep piling on. That's explain the unedited drafts. -_- Lent is coming soon and OH, time really past us that fast aye. -_- Working really caught me off guard with the time and all. Anyway, I hope everyone have a nice day.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. oi, sembuh cepat.. ini bukan wish, ini paksaan.. :D..

  2. cepat sembuh ya!

  3. haha mula2 sya x faham ni bila nampak di fb.. bah get well soon and take care darl! :)

  4. HAHA. Okeh Aki! :P


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