The Convocation

This is definitely the real Convocation's post with the actual photos, of course. Hi. I am back at home last night but due to the heavy rain and thunderstorm, my flight was delayed for more than 30 minutes. Anyways, this post is going to be a very very long post plus heavy photos included. 

My Convocation was held on 4th February 2012 at PICC. I was having problems with my shoes and I couldn't think of anything and just went there with sneakers. You know, sneaker and Baju Kurung doesn't went well together. I feel so nervous yet very excited. Then, my lovely BFF offered me her back - up shoes which is a White wedges and I just took it because I can't walk with sneaker on the stage right? HAHA. That's going to be the most unforgettable moment for me. I was running around looking for registration counter and left the BF behind and poor him, I just left him alone there, dumbfounded. Mom sounded really sad when she called me to know either the ceremony has started or not. Yea, my parent cannot accompany me Convocation because of some sort of financial and technical problems. I admit that I feel a bit sad but what can I do. I am very thankful for my BF for his considerate feelings and kindness and spend an amount of money to accompany me there. Thanks You Love.  

 Taken during our entrance into the Hall with our Best Student leading us in front. Hee.

 Inside the Hall where the guests already taking their seats and us walking in. I love those ceiling's light. #Amazingly beautiful. 

 My friends on my right side. Chin and Aisah were all smiling. xD

 My friends on my left's side. Dom (Our Best Student), the BFF Miss Yui and Mrs Jereme. 

 While waiting for the Ceremony to start, I was texting with the BF and took this call card picture as an evidence. xD

 How the stage looks like. -_- My camera went all blurry because of the lighting set up. #sigh.

 Pretty much myself. I am wearing the usual type of make up. Simple, clean, fresh and still me. HAHA. But some acquitances actually compliment me by saying that I am glowing. OH my. #Boast much.

 #MUST take picture of the scroll and the flower. Did I mention I hate roses? Yea.

 Me and the BFF.

 Yea! I finally graduated! 

The BFF insisted to take picture of me and the BF. Its awkward because my BF never meet my classmates and we are acting really shyly awkward in front of everyone. -_- We are just a shy couple, really.  

To be honest. I do feels a bit cheerless that day. I really miss my mom at that time. I know how she craved to see me receiving my scroll on that stage. As gloomy as I am that day, the BF really help and tried to cheer me up. He even offered me his Books voucher to be spend on the Bookstore later on.  Later that day, he surprised me again with this video he had recorded during my turn to take the scroll on the stage.


I was so touched. He even thoughtful toward my parents. He said that this could be saved and watched one day and keep it as memory sake. He is really sweet. AH. I can't thanked him enough for everything he has done for me. Except of course, to accept him and love him too. #OK. Now I'm being all touchy and romantically - wrong in this post. HAHA. Well, I should keep those lovey dovey speech for him alone aye? OK. Enough said. I had the most amazing Convocation ceremony. I will keep updating with these when another photos from my friends were uploaded in Facebook. YES. I re-activated my Facebook account because I think most of my classmates were communicating through it. So, its really hard if they can't contact me. *To be honest, I feels like I don't have a life without it.* OK now. I have to clean my messy bedroom.   

Thanks For Reading.  


  1. Paksa2 bergambar...wahaha...nasib baik ada kasut wedges tu, kalau x mesti nmpk kasut sneakers tu atas stage.....kihkihkih.....:D

  2. HAHAHA..Thanks to u Miss Ita! Klau x, konfem aarr buat sejarah weii..hahaha..xD Ye, Ita ngan Jum paksa kitaorg bgambar..HAHA..kitaorg kan shy shy shy cat~ meow..HAHAHA

  3. HAHA...btw, ita siap download clip video tu utk buat kenangan....;p

  4. HEHE..good2!! Special thanks utk juru kamera kite yg duk kat blkang record video ni..sriusly i am touched! haha

  5. Kita Thanks diam2 je. Xyah kecoh2. Nanti dia minta belanjaaaaa....muahahahahha xD

  6. Many many congrats!  I wish I would have taken video of my graduation. That would be a lovely keepsake. 

  7. Congratulations on graduating Fay! First Class Honours, wow, I'm so proud of you ^^

    I was alone too, at my graduation ceremony. I mean, I wasn't all alone, my brother came with me, but my parents couldn't join me either (both had to work). Felt kind of sad about it, but we celebrated at home after, so all was well again :) Hope you're having an awesome time, Fay, and enjoy your post-grad life!

  8. Thanks you very much Bibi! :) 

    Yup. I did celebrated Convocation's post party at home too. My parent think its should be celebrated with the other relatives as well. I am well now and a very happy one. Will as much enjoys my post - grad life. Ah. Thanks hun. Its so sweet of you. 

  9. Hi Amber! Many many Thanks in return. Yea. I couldn't think of that idea first but then again, its a surprise from my BF. Aw. Too bad but maybe you has tons of photos to keep as memory. :)

  10. Thanks you very much again Aki! :)

  11. Congrats Fay! =)

  12. Thanks Michelle! :D


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