Confession of 'illiterate' father

Right now, I'm working two part time jobs both as a Tutor. During weekdays, I tutor at my own home and during weekend I help in my BFF's tuition center which own by her father. At my own place, my students consist of those who were really slow in studying. No offense but its really true. I have 11 students so far (minus my own little brother) which ages range from 7 years old to 12 years old. Most of them came from the same school (my old standard's school). I always believe that there is no such "stupid" people in this world, only the lazy one. Judging from how my students studied with me before and after, they did changed a lot. 

When  parent came and asked me how is their children doing. I tell them the truth. Either he or she is improving or not. So today, one of the parent (which is my close relatives, I suppose I called him 'grandfather @Aki') came and gave me early tuition's fee for both his sons. Mind you, this Aki is illiterate. He grew up in uneducated childhood and adulthood. He can't read but I am very impressed on how he keep working hard to support his family. Here's the conversation between me and him earlier.

Aki: How is J and J's junior? *name has to be keep secret*

Me: Both of them are OK. Considering that they actually know a lots of English word and they can read. 

Aki: I know that they are a bit slow at school because the teachers mentioned that they are so playful.

Me: Kids. They loved to plays. 

Aki: I really want them to learned Bahasa and English. At least they can read and write unlike their father.

Me: Nah. Don't worry. They will be soon.

Aki: Actually, I want them to take three subjects including Math and Science but too bad I don't have enough money for that. Hm.

You know. When a father or lets say the parents came to me and said something like that, I will feel a little bits of sympathy. But when an illiterate parent said that to me, I feels its some kind of amazement. I have an uncle who only has 1 daughter and he never ever ever stressed about her education. Let alone asking her to study hard so that she can get a better jobs and a better life. They showered her with everything. Mind you. Everything she asked, she will get. She even almost not able passed her UPSR exam. How come an illiterate father of 5 children who earned average of RM 500 - 700 a month was thinking really hard about his children education and meanwhile a parent of a single and only daughter who earned almost RM 2K a month was being so careless about their children education? Come to think of that, that is the uncle that against my decision to further my study. He said I should start working and wait for a man to marry me. wtf. Anyhow, I thought sharing this story will at least remind us out there that we shouldn't look down at people who are illiterate. Who knows what's inside their heart and what were they  thinking. Maybe they want to learn but its either they don't have the money to attend school or they simply a bit slow and no one cares enough to help.

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  1. Yo, nice sharing.. sa tiba2 terharu oh.. dulu sa buat tuisyen free di kampung, dan sa memang garang kalu jadi cikgu.. ha ha ha.. cuma sa ada 3-4 orang pelajar la, and specialize in math.. sebab sa tia perlu buka buku sebelum mengajar.. and yeah, sebenarnya durang bukan tia pandai, slow is mungkin yeah, tapi still they'll have improvement kalau diorang betul2 kena latih bagus2..

    meanwhile, ada pula orang yang tia peduli sangat pasal pelajaran.. nda tau la cmana anak2 dia mo hidup nanti.. Hm...

  2. Iya, itu lah salah satu sebab kenapa sy punya tuisyen amat murah..even 4 subjects, sy cuma ckap 20 jak..biasa lah orang2 kampung kan..susah skit ba mau cari duit..budak2 kmpung x berapa terdedah sma pelajaran sbb well..kebanyakkan parent2 dorg pn smpai mna teringin mau ubah pendapat uncle sy tu..haishh

  3.  sa pula kepingin mo pukul tu uncle ko.. he he he.. sa teingat lagi dulu, parent tu budak2 yang sa ajar, durang bawa sa pigi makan2 di rumah durang ni.. especially bila sa berjaya meng"C" kan si pelajar E.. Happy ni parent dia.. Padahal, yang berusaha buat tu kertas exam, anak dia juga.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. Tapi syok ba mengajar.. best..

  4. Oh well, my daddy already had a tongue - arguments with him. HAHA. Iya, sy bulih tgok parent2 yg d kampung ni sgat ingin tgok anak dorg lulus. At least terbuka sikit minda dorg utk anak dorg berjaya n dpat peluang kerja yang bagus2 nanti..:) Iya, mgajar mimang siok..HAHA. Tapi sy jenis "singa" maka murid2 takut sma sy. HUAHAHAHHAA. 


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