Meet Wonka!

Ah. Thanks you Dad for letting me to sleep off for an hour more than usual today. After two days of #Hardworks #Crucial gastric's pain and also #Teaching some naughty students, its finally #Monday! Oh well, I still have to work today. Pfft. I just need to sleep it off all my stress and tired body and mind. Annnnnddddd...last night I got furious about things (which is a very very small things) and me and the BF BOTH DEACTIVATED OUR FACEBOOK account. Its time to take the relationship out of Facebook and goes to the real life! So YEAH, I DO NOT HAVE ANY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT NOW. And for sure, I do feels really great about that. wtf was that! In other note, I will keep my social life in FB changed to Twitter.OK. Scratch all that craps. I don't need to reflects stress in my blog. Oh, a few more days before convocation's day! #Yipee. I need to scrubs my bedroom and prepare all the stuffs that I need beforehand. So, today I am going to start working on that. Since when did I had become a workaholics?

Hi Everyone! Please meet our new puppy, Wonka. I want to name her Willy at first but then I got an aunt name Willy, so its really not a great idea of calling her a puppy's name. pfft. So, WONKA it is.

She is wayyyy crazy, impulsive and tooooooo hyperactive and very playful. There are lots of time where I would really love to changed her name to "CRAZY". Seriously. She love to scratch and bite. Its hurt. 

Oh. And look what my dad got for me. HAHA. OK. Dad never got me anything like this OK. So, its really weird. Its like giving me a book like this says that I have been a bad girl and he want me to stay being "GOOD" girl. xD I am a good girl, dad. Anyway, THANKS. I enjoyed (do) reading the first chapter and can't wait to read the rest. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Wonka is so cute..(:

    Wow.. it's so hard to decide quiting facebook. Congratulations! 
    I don't think I can abandon my fb xp

    Your Dad is so nice by the way. Maybe you can give us a review about the book after finish it ;)





  2. puppeh cumil..... huhuuhu sy pernah deactivate fb dlu tym main betting sm kwn waktu exam, ble tahan jga la nda susa ngahahhahah skrg nda bule da deactivate, byk info terkini psl praktikal post d fesbuk.. huhuhu

  3. Hehehe Sis, kami byak bgaduh pasal FB bha..tu la kami dua pun penat ni suda, last2 dia deactivate, maka sy pun ikut. Tia pa la, apa2 pun sa masi bulih contct2 kawan through sms/email..hihi

  4. Aww..Thanks you Joan! ^.^ 

    I know its really hard but I done it! HAHA. I know how its feels though. Umm. A review? Its a book of Bible verses and stuffs, I will see what I can do then. :)

  5. Huhu..Mcm best saja book tu "The Light"... Have a nice day...:-)

  6. Hai Jue, yup..boleh tahan bha tis book. Ada everyday Bible verses, sharing from Brothers and Sisters sma ada tmpat utk ko jots down everything that you thinks about some verses or life's events. :D Thanks! You too!!


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