Keeping my options open

Hey Blogger.*cough cough*  Sorry for not being able to reply all of your comments and Thanks you for dropping by here. I am currently busy with Tuition's stuffs (preparing schedule, list of subjects, Integrated curriculum for those subjects I'm going to teach and compiling all the notes for those subjects.) plus finding any available funds for an addition to my budget to attend my Bsc (HONS) convocation on 4th of February at KL. Other than that, I'm also busy with with my own projects which I really can't wait to boast tell  you guys!

My first Tuition's class started yesterday and it was an OK for me but I know I can improve more and more if I am well prepared with the study materials. The Boss is really kind to me as he and his son (plus his wife) keep on giving me an advice on how to tackle some naughty students and how to make sure that the way I'm going to teach is simple yet systematic. To be honest, I am not really good around young students (age ranged from 9 to 12 yrs old) but I still manage to be (at least) look good and treat them well yesterday. BAHAHA. I seriously don't like naughty students. But I am lucky that I have an experiences teaching a young students (which is lots naughtier than the one I'm teaching now) before so everything (hopefully) will be FINE and OK.

When I was little, when my parent both asked me what I am going to be or what is my ambition. I proudly tell them "I want to be a scientist". But both of them are being skeptical with my idea. They told me  " You should be a teacher. The job is easy as it is half day and the pay is really good." At that time, I am not really a bright student. Let alone explaining things and talking in front of lots of people is not really myself. So I took a plunge and went for Science's stream field and opted for Biotechnology as the field itself are general and I can do whatever jobs I want in that course. As the time past by, I learn how to explained things and I learn to be more brave when I'm talking/explaining/presenting in front of an audience. But yesterday, I suddenly feel this weird kind of feeling of 'this is where I should be' feelings when I'm teaching. OMG. What was that? However, my real ambition will soon become a reality once I am graduating from University College in February but before the 'real' job that I was trained to do come to me, I will keep my options open. In these economy, you can't be too picky about your jobs. Trust me. 

P.s Sorry for not replying your comments guys. There is something wrong with my REPLY button and I am still fixing it. Will be replying your comment in any time soon. 


Thanks For Reading.


  1. Teaching has a strange effect on you :D I had the same feeling the first time I went and teach students at SMK Tebobon.. It feels really nice, the stress is worth it actually hehhehehe xD I learn from my lecturer that to just do your best, and don't get let down if not ALL students cooperate, humans are different from one another, just work your way through it. hheheeh Lots of my friends there oso, can ask help and tips from them :3

  2. HAHA, Sis..I suddenly feels like I want to changed my profession. I kind of liking the satisfaction when I am teaching. xD Go home faster! Can't wait to see you!!

  3. ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. I've once considering being a teacher,but still, engineering class serves me better.. :-p.. And it's suit me well.. ha ha ha..

  4. Ah. Sy pun masi lgi konfius2 ni Aki. Besa la, baru jak abis study. hehe Glad u found ur dream/suitable job@Profession...hehe


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